Why is marijuana illegal anyway? Have you ever wondered why you can go to a liquor store and buy something that literally prohibits you from driving yet if you get caught with a joint in your car you go to jail and pay big fines? Why did the government burn down the once lush fields of wild marijuana that grew all over my home state? Did they not consider the many positive uses of marijuana such as paper, rope, clothing, fuel, and medicine? I guess they would rather us pay the drug companies big money for our prescriptions than pick something from our garden that will help us with most causes of anxiety, stress, and loss of appetite. Instead when we can’t sleep or relax we go to the doctor and pay huge co-pays and deductibles just so we can get a tiny, addictive pill to help us do the same thing that marijuana will do.
Have you ever wondered why you go to a Family Planning Clinic, walk in pregnant and leave a murderer but you still can’t buy, grow, or possess marijuana legally? Have you ever wondered why men can legally buy sex in some states but it is illegal still to buy marijuana? What type of STD’s and autoimmune diseases do you pass around when you hit the joint? Most likely none.

Prosecuting marijuana users is costing our government more money than it is worth. As a tax payer I say that it is time to change the laws and create a new cash crop in our country that could really turn into a “bailout” for Americans. They could create a new tax for the marijuana, create jobs, and save our economy all while getting high.