In this Friday, June 26, 2015 photo, Bear Westerlind – an employee at the medical marijuana dispensary Kaya Shack – displays different types of marijuana flowers sold at the shop in Portland, Ore. On July 1, recreational marijuana in Oregon is legal, but it’s likely customers won’t be able to buy the pot at medical dispensaries until October 1. (AP Photo/Gosia Wozniacka)

California is a very interesting place to live. The marijuana sub-culture is so huge, that shops have popped up all over the place. Los Angeles county has about 100 different caregivers, who dispense medical marijuana to patients who have received a doctor’s recommendation. This is the first idea for your pot head. Doctor’s letters cost around 150 dollars. I received my letter by Medicann Inc, who has locations all over California. The voters of California approved Prop 215 in 1998 making the access of medical marijuana legal under doctor’s supervision. Further bills such as Senate Bill 420 made access to medical marijuana for patients who are not seriously ill You can receive recommendations for migraines, back pains, nausea, and other daily illness, that your pot head has definitely have. Besides having access to many fine medical marijuana dispensaries, they also impunity for having up to ½ Lb of marijuana and 12 plants. Saving them fines and possibly jail. This new access will change your pot heads life. If you decide to get him/her a recommendation give them a little extra cash. 25 dollars will give them the highest quality gram, the lowest unit marijuana is sold in.
Now that you have your doctor’s recommendation you can shop freely at many fine dispensaries in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Rhode Island, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, and Hawaii. The next step is finding a dispensary. California is the only state that has a very well established system of medical dispensaries. The other states have dispensaries research into NORML, the national organization to reform marijuana laws tries to get out the word to all pot heads. Now that you have looked into where the dispensaries are, the next step is your preference. The dispensaries offer a variety ways to get you high. They have large selection of gifts, the Top Ten are their buds, edibles, sodas, pills, candies, hashes, kiefs, oils, goo, and shake. If price is the main priority then you can sacrifice quality for quantity. Prices range for buds 10-30 dollars a gram or an 1/8 (3.5 grams) for between 30 and 100 dollars. Most clubs will give you a discount for large amounts with ounces (28 grams) ranging between 200 and 500. Your idea of good marijuana might be different from other, but the prices usually refer to the potency. Marijuana can be divided into two basic groups the Indicas and the Sativas. The Indicas are heavy tasting and create a body high. Indicas will give you more of that couch lock total body euphoric best used for pain killing. Sativas are the more heady strains. They give you a energetic high with an euphoric cerebral feelings, best use during the day time for the working stoner.

The best quality marijuana in my opinion and a lot of people opinions is Kush. Kush is named after the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan, where the strain originated. Now there are several different types of kush with very colorful names. The best and first implied in its name is OG Kush. Original Gangster was the first and still is the best in my opinion. This strain has been made famous by rap stars like Doc Dre and Snoop Dogg. Its taste is so pungent and wonderful it would impress anyone would smoked it. The potency is very high and one hit of some very good OG kush will put you on your ass.

Buyer beware though inspect your buds before you buy them. Just because it pricey and has the name doesn’t mean its good. Prices and stocks change frequently so look at your product to make sure its up to your standards. Remember resale of medical marijuana is illegal, but there is nothing wrong with sharing the compassion with your close friends. You will find more then ten ideas for gifts in the dispensaries its like a marijuana candy store.

Medical marijuana has a stigma around it because federally its still illegal. The only way the laws change is if the people interject. Many states have done so and the people have spoken, so live your life is comfort knowing that you have your local government on your side. Many communities all over the country have started decriminalization of little amount of marijuana. Obviously marijuana is not dangerous and is very therapeutic. Recent studies by UCLA have proven that marijuana doesn’t contain carcinogens, and even helps to stave of the onset of Alzheimer’s. So go out and get your self a recommendation or pay for your close pot head friend’s rec, so you can all enjoy the flower together. Peace and Happy Holidays.