I’ve heard too much debate on the controversy on the legalization of marijuana that I am going to do my own experiment. I’m going to do it the legal way. I will get a medicinal recommendation first and then legally purchase it from a dispensary here in SD.
I will describe the process and my experience.

I have never been a user of marijuana. I experimented with it in high school, but didn’t like the paranoia side effect. But, now I hear the new stuff is different and better. Please note: I am 43 years old; I have a bachelor’s degree and I do have a few of the ailments that are on the list for marijuana usage. That said, I have prescriptions for treatment of these, but I would like to discontinue taking them. These symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, headache, and chronic back pain.

I’ve started doing my research on the Internet and I am pleasantly surprised and truly encouraged to try out THC now. I can actually go to the co-op/dispensary and tell them what I’m looking for. For example, I would like a strain that is, low in paranoia and non-drowsy. It’s like grocery shopping! The marketing on this product is all over the place and indeed positive. It’s grown and engineered now.

I wanted to share some cool stuff I learned, during my research; bear with me and my naivety/ignorance in this arena. It was “new” News for me.

Presently, 15 states and DC have legalized medical marijuana and 9 states are currently pending. Additionally, 5 of these 15 states will accept the other state’s registry cards, so they are transferable, who knew?

A California soda maker will be selling Canna Cola in Colorado as a new option for their users next month, for $10.00 for a 12oz can. The soda will include 35-65mg of THC and should be available in CA pretty soon. Another tidbit on Colorado, they have more dispensaries there, than the Starbucks franchise by 2 to 1.

In Olympia, Washington they are introducing a bill that will allow state liquor stores to sell marijuana.

Eight of the ten states that had legalized marijuana by 2006 saw a decrease in teen use of pot from 1999-2006 (procon.org.2011).

A UCLA study in 2006 found no association between marijuana and lung cancer and suggested that marijuana may have some “protective effect.” (procon.org2011).

The University of Mississippi has been growing the Mary Jane for the US government for approved research since 1968. And each year they grow anywhere from zero to 6.5 acres, depending on the demand (procon.org2011). This intrigues me, since I was born in 1967 you would think that the U of M would have some, legal, cutting edge, growing methods, where the rest of the population was not in the know.

There is a lot going on with this magical plant, it’s really “hyped up”, so I certainly got to try it now. But, I liked to make informed, educated decisions.

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 offers me the right to use, if the benefits support my health issues. I located a doctor in San Diego, took a prescreening test online and scored a 16. The minimum result was a 3. I will make my appointment.

I will follow up next time after my doctor’s appointment and then with my adventure to the dispensaries. I will be a thorough shopper, do my homework and be sure to check with multiple locations to see what they offer.