Top Ten Gift Ideas for Your Pot Head

California is a very interesting place to live. The marijuana sub-culture is so huge, that shops have popped up all over the place. Los Angeles county has about 100 different caregivers, who dispense medical marijuana to patients who have received a doctor's...
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Marijuana Legalization-Controversy

I've heard too much debate on the controversy on the legalization of marijuana that I am going to do my own experiment. I'm going to do it the legal way. I will get a medicinal recommendation first and then legally purchase it from a dispensary here in SD. I will...
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Why is Marijuana Illegal Anyway?

Why is marijuana illegal anyway? Have you ever wondered why you can go to a liquor store and buy something that literally prohibits you from driving yet if you get caught with a joint in your car you go to jail and pay big fines? Why did the government burn down the...
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